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"I am a Russian immigrant who has been living in New Zealand for over 10 years. I have typical for Russian native speaker difficulties with pronunciation of ‘TH’ sound, ‘W and V’ sounds and some diphthongs. In addition, there was another problem with stressing the right syllable in a word and stressing the right word in a sentence which made my speech hard to understand for others. To make this matter worse, I lost my confidence in speaking on public. I decided to ask for a professional help and approached a few consultants. Accent Solutions was the most responsive company with a professional attitude. I was offered a free assessment and got elaborated feedback pointing out all aspects with which I had problems. It took just 10 sessions with Katherine to make a noticeable difference in my speaking competence. My colleagues and friends noted that my speech has become much clearer and more fluent. Most importantly, I gained my confidence back and now can speak on public with no hesitation. I am still working on my pronunciation and will continue to improve my skills. I must say that online sessions with Katherine were very productive and easy going. Every session was such fun and always provided with some extra learning material which was very helpful. I very much enjoyed sessions with Katherine and would highly recommend using Accent Solutions services. It works!  

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