Accent Solution Services


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This is our most popular service!


Change the way you speak – either just ‘polish’ your accent to sound more professional, or change completely.


Learn to use the features of Standard English in everyday conversations. Learn about speech rhythm, word flow and pausing, speech breathing, pronunciation of speech sounds and voicing.


Enjoy private sessions with your coach, following a customised accent reduction programme based on your unique accent needs. 

Features include:
  • Online using Zoom.


  • Comprehensive accent assessment (Not digitally generated!)


  • Programmes are customised to your accent needs and availability


  • Sessions are offered daily up till 8:00 pm Monday to Thursday


  • Notes, exercises and audio models are accessed from the cloud


  • Feedback is provided on practice recordings to ensure accuracy

Who for:


  • Professionals

  • Students,

  • Stay-at-home parents

  • Employment-seekers who want to change the way they speak

  • People who are interested in dialects and accents

  • People with hard-to-understand accents

  • New immigrants who have difficulty understanding Kiwis speak English.

One-on-One Accent Coaching


One-on-one Accent Coaching
Advanced Communication and Voice work


Face-to-Face Coaching

Enjoy private Accent Modification and Communication skills coaching with your private coach.

Work with your coach developing skills to communicate with confidence and clarity.

  • Accent reduction work (if necessary), 

  • Diction work to facilitate crisp, clear presentation 

  • Pitch range and flexibility to aid meaning without losing pace (and keep an audience focussed)

  • Speech rhythm, phrasing and logical sequencing to help make your communication easy to understand.

  • Finding your authentic voice creating ease and confidence when speaking as well as gain the confidence of the audience.

Features include:

Who for:


  • Professionals

  • Executives

  • Anyone who is looking for a job promotion.

  • Anyone seeking a career change.

  • People who seek to feel more confident and in control when communicating.

  • Public speaking