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In 2009, Accent Solutions was born in Auckland, New Zealand. Growing steadily, working with individuals, corporates, government departments, contact centres and not-for-profit organisations. Approximately, 46 different languages have been represented within our clientele.

Along the way, the focus shifted from predominantly live coaching to predominantly online coaching. Clients are now able to have coaching in the comfort of their own homes, after work hours if preferred.



This program addresses syllable stress, word stress, linking, ‘short-cuts’, syllable structure, intonation, speech accuracy, pacing, pausing, word flow, voicing, speech breathing and articulation. There are assessment tools, coaching lessons and practice materials.

This programme helps to develop an 'International Standard English Accent' and the cultural aspects of communicating western-style, to boost a feeling of friendliness and trustworthiness, socially and in employment. Not only in New Zealand but all over the world.


Katherine Kennard

As the Owner and Managing Director of Accent Solutions, Katherine brings with her a wealth of knowledge, talent and a fresh perspective on personal development and online coaching.​

Katherine is a seasoned award-winning actress and International Voice artist who has spent much of her working life in the film, theatre, television and voice-over industry. From her many years of experience and training in the film industry, Katherine understands what it takes to help people communicate clearly and effectively.

Excellent accent modification technique is one of the many skills Katherine gained and polished over the decade. Her professionalism combined with her knowledge of the English language makes her a great addition to Accent Solutions.

"I would love to share with you my own personal tools and skills that will help you feel 'in control', present and confident in your communication skills."

Katherine brings out the best in people with her kind, patient and supportive nature. Her skills will benefit all those who wish to modify their accents and become clearer and more competent communicators. 

Linda Cartwright

Linda is regarded as one of the best voice tutors in the country.

Linda has a lifetime of experience, having worked as a theatre actor, and helped actors, politicians and business people with their vocal delivery, communication and presentation skills and accent work.

She has twice been awarded a major government grant to study voice in both England and the U.S.A.

Linda has taught in major drama schools and theatre companies, and worked as a coach on the Lord of the Rings trilogy of films, as well as The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and other films and television series.

She has vocally coached a number of politicians, business people, and students presenting dissertations for their graduate degrees.