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One-on-One Accent Coaching
Advanced communication and voice work
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 Introducing your Accent Coach



Katherine Kennard

As the Owner and Managing Director of Accent Solutions, Katherine brings with her a wealth of knowledge, talent and a fresh perspective on personal development and online coaching.​

Katherine is a seasoned award-winning actress who has spent much of her working life in the film and television industry, featuring in numerous New Zealand and International productions, theatre, voice-overs and commercials. From her many years of experience and training in the film industry Katherine understands what it takes to help people communicate clearly and effectively.


Excellent accent modification technique is one of the many skills Katherine gained and polished over the decade.Her professionalism combined with her knowledge of the English language makes her a great addition to Accent Solutions.


Katherine brings out the best in people with her kind, patient and supportive nature. Her skills will benefit all those who wish to modify their accents and become clearer and more competent communicators. 

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We respect everyone’s mother-tongue and culture.
We work with you, supporting your personal accent goals and sharing our linguistic insights and experience.”

Our Services

We specialise in offering one-on-one coaching to maximise time spent with the coach and to optimise your return on investment.  

We deliver top notch professional coaching with a practical approach. Starting from growing your confidence to improving your accent, from stress management to public speaking. Eventually helping you to master the Standard English accent and shift the impression!

Individuals and companies looking for professional development opportunities for their employees are all catered for in our range of coaching services.

One-on-One Accent Coaching

Change the way you speak – either just ‘polish’ your accent to sound more professional, or change completely. 



Enjoy private sessions with your coach, following a customised accent reduction programme based on your unique accent needs. 

One-on-One Accent Coaching

Enjoy Face to Face Accent Modification and Communication skills coaching.

Private sessions with your coach, working on your authentic voice. Diction, Intonation and accent reduction (if needed).

Why Accent Solutions ?

Our unique in-house accent modification programme is developed in New Zealand for local and International workplaces and communities; it is not an American programme or one adapted from an American programme 

We always provide useful and encouraging feedback on all your accent work – live speech in the session and recorded speech practices sent to us for checking

Katherine Kennard, Owner of Accent Solutions is highly qualified and brings with her a wealth of knowledge, talent and a fresh perspective on pronunciation, personal development and online coaching.

What ever your budget, we can help you feel more confidant in your communication.

Individual programmes are customised to your unique accent needs so you only pay for what you need

Hours to suit you – we are available from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm Tuesdays to Thursdays, and at other times and on other days by arrangement

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Knowledge Centre

Visit our Knowledge Centre for the latest news, views, pronunciation tips and new words for your vocabulary.